A collection of correspondence from some of our customers.

Not made up - because we don’t need to make it up...

“...LOVE the magazines. They pretty much touch my heart every time I pick them up. Beautiful but not pretentious.
Technical but not geeky. Reverent but not obsequious. Reading them fans the flames of my love of Italian cycles.
Sending these to a good friend!...”

“...I'm just dropping a line to say how much I have enjoyed the first 4 issues of Italian Motor Magazine. It’s inspirational to see some of the machines you have featured...”

...”Anyway, my point (and I do have one) is that your magazine hits me squarely between the horns with your astute mix of amazing garage porn and appreciative, insightful writing. Well done...”

...”And the magazines arrived yesterday, great stuff. Read it all in one sitting straight off. Love the Duc flat tracker...”

“...Yes, people are very anxious to get the #4 - I tell them its a work of art, and these things take time - which is true isn't it !  Anyway, its a strategy that seems to work in your favour :-)...”

“...Rave reviews online for your publication. Beautiful work, congratulations, and continued best wishes to you and your colleagues at Italian Motor Magazine....”

“...Love the magazine; great photos, great bikes.  Looking forward to the first three issues...”

“...Hi Adam - I can imagine the time it takes! Many thanks for producing something catering to the aspects of motorcycling that deals with more than the chest beating...”

“...I just received your magazine yesterday. I was blown away by the quality! Great work...”

“...Its fabulous!... brace yourself for a few more orders from South Africa...”

“...Has the earthquake in Italy had an effect on your magazine?  When will issue 5 be published? Being Italian I'm really a nut for things Italian...”