Issue FIve of ITALIAN MOTOR is the current issue available now, fresh off the press, and you'll like it: more hardcore Italian motors

- Moto Guzzi California 1400 - we tested it at the world press launch
- Spanish Benelli Six: one of the most beautiful Italian bikes we’ve seen
- Mr Ducati - Franco Farné tells some of the tales of 50 years work

- My Mito - Terry crashed his Cagiva Mito, then rebuilt a stunning custom

  1. -San Marino Pirates - they loved bikes, women, wine, racing, and fighting. Some memories of Squadra Filibusta, biker boys all...

  2. -1933 Moto Guzzi GT16 - led four lives, met Hitler, then carried cows

  3. -Cutter’s Ducati Monster special - built in a shed with the help of hens

  4. -Stunning Guzzi spare part special - another beautifully hand-crafted Guzzi V twin special from John W and MotoNero motorcycles
    - ’69 Alfa Romeo Giulia Super - to the shops or on the track

  5. -Ducati Panigale - it has sold like hot cakes, and Alan Cathcart sees why

  6. -plus project bikes, Shed Some Light, new ‘Prova’ product page, and more....